Speciality Conduits



Ductrove’s Fire Resistant duct is an advanced self- extinguishing duct conforming to UL 94 V2.0 rating. 

Suitable for deployment In-building – Riser or Plenum, Nuclear & Thermal Power Plants, Railway Tunnels, Chemical Factories etc.


Low Smoke Zero Halogon (LSZH) Ducts

Ductrove also manufactures Low Smoke Zero Halogen Ducts (LSZH), by adding a special additive to the resin, which reduces smoke and release of Carcinogenic gases in the event of fire.

LSZH material is usually used in poorly ventilated areas such as In-Building Plenum, Aircrafts, Rail Cars, and Tunnels in which smoke is likely to both build up and come into contact with people. 

Low-smoke zero-halogen material is becoming very popular, and can be required when the safety of people and equipment is critical.  

Termite Resistant Ducts

Ductrove manufactures Termite Resistant Ducts  to protect ducts from termites. 

Ductrove’s Termite Resistant ducts are extremely durable and gives a very robust protection to ducts against termites.

rOdent Resistant Ducts

Ducts are generally installed by direct burial method at a depth of 1.5 Meters. At many places rodents are present even at depth of more than one meter below ground level. Unlike human beings the front teeth of rodents grow throughout their life., hence to trim it they chew soft materials like PE & PVC pipes to keep their their teeth within size. This results in damages to the ducts & the cable in it. Ductrove’s Anti-Rodents Conduits provides the best solution to such problems by incorporating a bitterent in the pipe to dissuade rodents from chewing it. Anti-Rodent ducts are tested at institute for Toxicological Studies, Pune for its antirodent properties. 

DUCT with Cable

Ductrove offers ducts with factory installed Optic Fiber cables for faster roll-out of network. This takes away the lengthy process of deploying Fiber Optic cables by Air-Blowing technique in the field. 

Typical Sizes of ducts range from 20 – 110 mm OD and can be manufactured with Super Smooth or Inner Ribbed construction. In addition, these ducts can also be provided with Copper wire for tracing.


Ductrove manufactures ducts with a Copper wire embedded on the outer surface of the duct.

The purpose of Copper wire is to trace the duct when buried underground.

The tracing is done by a simple handheld device, also provided by Ductrove.

The Copper wire for tracing is also provided in Bundled Standard & Micro Ducts by inserting the copper wire between the ducts during manufacturing