Split Couplers

Backed by our skilled personnel and modern technological support, we are the well known manufacturer and exporter of Aluminum split Coupler. These couplers are manufactured by the best aluminum alloys that ensure the longevity. We procure the metal from the best vendor available in the market. These split couplers are highly preferred by the engineers for its excellent finish and effective fitting. Aluminum split Coupler are checked on the quality parameters like durability and smooth fixing during the blowing operation.  

End Plugs

These Plugs can be used in a variety of applications including Power Duct Sealing & Sewerage Applications. The End of pipe design won't fall in, whereas the inside of pipe design allows you to locate the plug inside the pipe as far as you need.


- Made with glass-reinforced ABS plastic

- End of pipe design seals only at the end of a pipe

- Inside of pipe design seals inside pipe as far as needed

Power End Caps

Missing or damaged duct end caps is a common occurrence at site and can lead to a variety of issues. To assist clients with this issue, Ductrove Innovations has developed its own unique, Power duct end cap. 

Made from Woven Polypropylene with a seperate rubber closure band, they are cost effective, Light Weighted, Easy portable and durable. They are available for duct sizes 110 mm to 250 mm.

Power Duct Tool Kit

Trove Plugs secure conduit systems from the costly and often damaging incursions of water, sedimentation and nesting animals. 

Ozone and chemically resistant compression plates through the hand tightening of the low or wing nut. The compressed seal expands into full contact with the inside pipe walls thereby providing an effective, permanent, positive seal to your conduit system in seconds. Once in place, they will not move until you decide to move it.