5G is on track to become the world’s leading mobile network technology by next year and to account for more than half (53%) of global connections by 2025. 

At the recent 2018 5G summit held in India, it was predicted that with the launch of 5G, Africa would need to increase its total 575k towers to more than 2,5 million over the next two years

5G will be over 65% of 2025 mobile connections

  • Smart Poles are a Fundamental Building Block for Smart Cities
  • Solution leverages Cities vertical real estate to provide both energy efficient  Smart Street Lighting plus;
    • Managed Multi Tenant – Mobile 3/4/5G Services
    • Service Provider – High Speed Wi-Fi & IoT
    • Disaster & Emergency – Services
    • Security – CCTV Surveillance
    • Traffic Monitoring – Management
    • Environmental Monitoring & Alarming
    • Digital Sign Boards – Alerts/Advertising Income
  • Solution Integrates all Smart City elements to ensure a safe, efficient, connected and quality life to the community

What's the offering?

  • LED light
  • Multiple IoT devices / sensors
  • ODAS for 5G
  • WiFi antennas
  • CCTV
  • Digital signage
  • Air Quality monitor
  • Wireless metering
  • Bill Board etc.
  • Multiple fiber links to give high speed communication
  • Connectivity to users would through an API
  • Hosted on a central server 

SMART Chamber & SMART Pole Solution

  • Centralised access management;
  • Highly secure comms;
  • Building blocks of Solution:
  • Intelligent Smartkey;
  • Robust manhole electronic lock;
  • Hosted software.
  • Smartkey communicates via 3G/4G in real time, tracked by GPS, provides power to lock and uploads all transactions;
  • Automatic representation of location on GIS tool, integrated with radio planning;
  • Lock is passive and maintenance free;
  • Software operates via web browser, hosted in redundant data centres (3x Voda DCs).